Our Services include:

  • Passenger Services
    We operate between Mombasa and Nairobi day and night services. The Coach carrying capacity is 44 passengers only. The sitting space is big and luxurious. The coach has a two by two sitting arrangements with a sleeping coach feature. We provide some refreshments that inlude mineral water and juices. The distance between Mombasa and Nairobi is 480 kms and it takes 8 Hrs to reach.Read the Travel Timetable for more information about the departure and arrival schedules.
  • Coach Hire
    We provide the Coach for transport of company staff. Arrangements can be made to hire either on contract basis, daily basis, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.
  • Airport Transfer Services
    We offer transfer services from Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to town hotels dropping only at a flat rate of Kshs. 8,000/-.

    - Mombasa Moi International Airport to North Coast Hotels within Shanzu hotels @ Ksh 9000/-.Dropping only

Why Use Our Services

  • Cost - Buses are less expensive than many other modes of transportation.
  • Sanity -Once onboard, our professional driver takes over. You are free to read, listen to music, think, or sleep.
  • Comfort - If you’re traveling longer distances, buses provide more legroom, bigger seats, and more space than most airplanes.
  • Variety -Taking a bus can break up the monotony of always driving places.
  • Convenience - The most popular routes offer frequent service to many locations.
  • Scenery -You can look out the window and take in your surrounding; something you can't do while driving or flying.
  • Environment - Choosing to take the bus instead of driving or using taxis reduces pollution. These benefits are even greater as we work to increase the fuel efficiency of our fleet.
Randa Coach Limited: Travel With Comfort : For Reservations Please Call Mombasa Branch : 254 041 2494098 , 254 0722 417311 Fax: 254 041 2229927 Nairobi Branch: 254 020 340905 , 254 722 839796
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